All workplaces in Australia are required to adhere to and follow the relevant measures and laws for their region in regard to COVID-19. Adhering to these laws ensures that we slow and eventually stop the sprea of this virus

A key part in these measures is clear messaging and instructions of necessary measures related to stopping the spread of COVID-19. This includes the use of Signage, Posters, floor decals etc. on what is COVID-19 and measures you can take to contribute to stopping the spread.

Some of these instructions may include measure such as; how to wash hands correctly, how to sanitise, how to follow physical distancing, shop entry number limits and hygiene requirements.

Here at BannaMesh AU we have a range of COVID Safe signage we can assist you with. We can also customize these to your own branding requirements where it is suitable.

Along with this you may find these government resources helpful for COVID-19 work health and safety guidance COVID-19 – Information for workplaces.

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