On our website, you can find top-quality building site signs to deliver your safety messages to workers and the public. Typically, these signs are printed on a low-cost option such as corflute, polypropylene, colorbond, 0.55 metal, or aluminium composite panel. The great news is that we can offer great pricing on large-run orders, so bear that in mind and save some money on your next order! When it comes to our building site signs, they have the following properties:

What type of building signage should you choose?

We at BannaMesh offer a variety of building site signs, and some of them are:

Corflute signs

Our corflute/corrugated plastic signs are a fantastic option for short-term messages. These are most commonly picked for election signage, real estate signs, short-term events, building site signs, and many other occasions. Corflute signs are a low-cost option, and the best thing about them is the fact that we offer massive discounts on large-run orders.

Alupanel signage

Aluminium composite panel signs are ideal for long-term advertising display – both outdoor and indoor. You can use them as large external building signs with your logo or an advertising message of choice. As an indoor sign, our alupanel signage will contribute to a more architectural or corporate look. Since they have long-lasting outdoor properties, these signs will undoubtedly stand up to the harshest Australian weather. However, if you need them to last even longer, our team can always apply a self-adhesive laminate over the face of your print.

These alupanel building site signs are very sturdy yet so lightweight. These are between 3m and 5mm thick and can feature any image or colour you want. Also, they are weather and UV resistant and can be router cut to any shape or size. The largest sheet size is 1200mm x 2400mm, whereas larger signs can be made up of multiple panels. Even though pre-drilled holes are available, the best solution is to use self-drilling Tek screws when you decide to install alupanel building signage

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BannaMesh has developed a wide range of top-quality advertising products such as building signage that is ideal for your advertising purposes. Just check out our website if you want to advertise your company, event, or anything else. No matter what you need, our friendly team is there to give useful advice and help you make the right decision. Of course, the final decision is completely up to you. Just remember that our company is NOT a reseller. It means that you will communicate directly with the manufacturer when you choose our products. Contact us right away to check out our building site signs and get a free quote today!

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