Banners are one of the most versatile and cost-effective means of getting your message across. With full-colour graphics and impactful designs, a banner can attract more attention than any other media. Hoarding is a temporary fence made from wood panels, which provide an ideal background for non-permeable signs. Hoarding is often used in urban areas, for construction sites, shopping centres or as a means for crowd control at events. 

Outdoor Banners

Vinyl banners can make a statement indoors or outdoors for a low cost. With our large production facility, we are experienced and equipped to handle any size orders.

Timber construction hoardings present an excellent opportunity to use vinyl hoarding banners to promote your brand and message. Printed vinyl banners are not only very popular in urban/CBD areas, within shopping centres but are also mandatory with some local governments across Australia. Sydney City Council has enforced all hoardings to be dressed with vinyl mesh fencing.

The durable structure of the PVC vinyl banner means it is a great long term signage option for construction projects. Our sturdy and secure hoarding can handle the elements and is rust-resistant. Vinyl hoarding banners can be customised in terms of size to fit any size timber construction hoarding on any site.

Vinyl hoarding boards are an excellent way of creating secure fencing that does more than keeping your site safe from potential intruders. It allows you to print whatever you like on your site hoarding board, using super-sharp high-resolution print direct to the board. Custom printed hoarding is a popular choice for securing new developments and construction sites. The boards are a creative way of advertising whatever is taking place behind the boards. You can even offer the hoarding space to other businesses, and create extra revenue for very little effort.

Why You Need BannaMesh Vinyl Banner

The BannaMesh Design team and a team of engineers are highly experienced in delivering Australia’s largest outdoor advertising campaigns in all the main cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin and Hobart.
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