Breezebanna being FR rated and allowing enough wind through for Scaffolds

Air Permeability 4,064 MM/Sec

What Banner Mesh should I use on scaffolding?

Printed Banner Mesh is a great marketing tool for construction and real estate companies wanting to market their services or attract attention to real estate.

We often are asked by scaffolding, high-rise development and construction companies right across Australia, what banner mesh should I use on my scaffolding.

The best banner mesh for use on scaffolding is our BreezeBanna product which is designed to allow more wind pass through which reduces the wind load on the scaffolding structure.

BreezeBanna is also FR rated which is critical to prevent fires spreading up scaffolding which has happened in the past when standard shade cloth or flammable scaffold mesh has been used.

Therefore, BreezeBanna is by far the most popular and reliable branded scaffold mesh.

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