BannaMesh is Australia’s leading printer for the construction industry.

BannaMesh now offers in house logo printing for hardhats to help you customise and brand your safety gear.

We offer various methods of print from 5 colour pad print through to vinyl cut options.

Custom printed logo hardhats is a great way to promote your brand on construction sites and also bring a professional feel to your onsite team. Colour coded or branded hardhats are a great way for you to distinguish your employees by job role or visitors to site with ease, This further enhances site safety and site security.

BannaMesh Pad Printing

BannaMesh offers a pad printing service which allows you to print your logos on the front and back of your hardhats. The printing can be done with up to 5 colours and is a very cost effective and durable solution for custom logo printing hardhats that can print almost any logo.

We also have a one colour print option that is available for the sides of your hardhat, which allows you to further customise or specify job roles etc.

Front Logo Print Size 75mm (W) x 50mm (H)

Back Logo Print Size 50mm (W) x  40mm (H)

Side Print Size 70mm (W) x 20mm (H)

BannaMesh Vinyl Print/Cut

BannaMesh offers fully digital vinyl Print/cut logo print services for your hardhats. This means you can further customise your hardhats without size and colour restrictions. We can print your logos, names job roles etc on any area of the hardhat at any size. If you would like to purchase custom printed logo hardhats, branded logo hardhats, branded hardhats or printed hardhats  please reach out to BannaMesh today on 1300 159 686

Please give our sales team a call on – 1300 159 686

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