Our company was founded by a group of print, manufacturing, and marketing professionals more than 40 years ago. Each of them brought experience, talent, and specialised knowledge to the table, which resulted in a completely new way of doing things in the industry. Since that day, BannaMesh has shown remarkable growth by using the latest manufacturing technologies to craft top-quality banner advertising products for its customers.

As for our premium outdoor banners and banner advertising, we use 13mm Stainless Steel eyelets every 500mm on both the Premium BannaMesh and the Premium BannaMesh Panels. Punched in by automatic machinery, these eyelets are strong, durable, and will never rust! Also, all of our products are made in Australia, which means that you will shop locally and support an Australian business if you opt for our products.

When it comes to our outdoor banners, it is important to make sure that they have stainless steel eyelets every 500mm to ensure even distribution of pressure from wind load on your banners. In turn, this will make your banners last a lot longer in the harsh Australian environment. If you take proper care of our outdoor advertising products, they can last around 4 years, which significantly outlasts our competitors’ products. You can use our Premium Banna products in the following situations:


The mesh construction of our outdoor banners is specifically chosen for superb image quality while maintaining ideal air permeability. This promotion banner was formulated for long-term UV exposure with the option to upgrade to building wrap standard. This material is made with an RS10 weave (Ripstop). RS10 is exclusive to BannaMesh and will ensure that you don’t get tears in your product, making them last much longer. Just be sure to store your outdoor banners properly later on, as this is the only way to help them last for years!


  1. Weight: +/- 280 gsm
  2. Threads: 12 x 12 per inch
  3. Base Fabric: 100D x 100D (knitted scrim)
  4. Roll Widths: 1.6m, 1.8m, 2.1m & 3.2m
  5. Roll Lengths: 50m
  6. #Flame Retardant: Certification available upon request
  7. Tensile Strength: Warp – 1350 N/5cm, Weft – 1350 N/5cm
  8. Tearing Strength: Warp – 300 N/5cm, Weft – 300 N/5cm
  9. Air Permeability: 2,649 MM/Sec

Similarly to our Breeze Banna and Track Banna, our Premium Banna comes in a standard 50m roll as well. Even though you do not have to buy a full roll, this certainly is the most cost-effective way to get the best value for your money. However, if you really don’t need a full standard roll, we can run a smaller print according to the needs of your project.

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BannaMesh has developed a wide range of top-quality banner advertising products such as outdoor vinyl banners that are perfectly appropriate for your advertising purposes. So, if you want to advertise your company, event, or anything else, check out our website and find an ideal event banner or promotion banner. As for the size, we offer both a big banner and a smaller one. The final choice is totally up to you – just remember that our company is NOT a reseller. It means that you will deal directly with the manufacturer when you pick us. Contact us for a free sample pack or get a free quote today!

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