SoundBanna Sound Barrier Noise Absorbtion Acoustic Curtains

SoundBanna is an effective acoustic curtain system designed to provide a noise barrier for construction sites, demolition sites, and any other noisy work areas. SoundBanna offers an average noise reduction of 24dB to those in the immediate area of construction sites and noisy work areas.

SoundBanna is the easiest sound curtain to erect and install in the market today with extra eyelet attachment points and Velcro joining strips.

SoundBanna’s unique Velcro join strip system ensures zero noise spill between panels which is a common problem with the many ineffective offerings in todays market.

SoundBanna offer various versions of sound curtains for specific applications. These variants provide different levels of noise reduction and are in turn specified based on the noise reduction needs of your site.

SoundBanna supplied through BannaMesh Group offer full customized branding of sound curtains allowing you to not only reduce site noise through sound curtains but also have your marketing on a roll.

Product Features

SoundBanna’s noise attenuation curtains are a cost effective solution for mitigating site noise. The unique construction of SoundBanna through multi layered offers the maximum site noise reduction solution available to market.

SoundBanna Panels come in a standard size of 1.3m x 2m and are constructed with unique sound suppression materials that are lightweight resulting in the most effective noise reduction curtains available to market but also very lightweight and easy to install.

SoundBanna offers users a fast, simple and effective install due to its unique construction. Each individual sound attenuation curtain comes with a modular Velcro overlay strip allowing for easy install but also ensures no lost noise through noise-slip.

Designed with extra Eyelet points and Velcro joining strips these sound reduction curtains are ideal and easy to attached to temporary fencing, scaffolding, comms boxes etc.

SoundBanna is a long lasting and reusable solution that is UV resistant, waterproof designed to withstand the harsh conditions of Australian sunlight and also construction sites.

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