Track Banna is specially designed for advertising on hoardings. This is a durable vinyl banner with excellent high-resolution print qualities and a heavy-duty track system fitted to all sides. This product features excellent strength and potential for powerful graphics.

Hoardings are visible up-close to passing traffic and pedestrians, so you get maximum exposure for your advertising investment. Our Track Banna can be used on multiple constructions, some of which are:


Our Track Banna is a superb entry-level product suitable for a broad range of uses that include billboard advertising, hoarding construction, and many more. Laminated PVC is a cost-effective product that is widely used across the industry for billboard signs, banners, building signs, and other similar options.  Track Banna is APN specified and it comes in both matte and glossy finish.

This material is made with an RS10 weave (Ripstop). RS10 is exclusive to BannaMesh and will ensure that you don’t get tears in your product, making them last much longer. Remember that our billboard advertising can last up to 4 years outdoors if used correctly. Just ensure to take care of it properly and you will be able to use it for years!


  1. Weight: +/- 400 gsm
  2. Base Fabric: 1000D x 1000D (knitted scrim)
  3. Widths; 1.6M, 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.2m & 5.0m
  4. Roll Length: 50m
  5. Fire Retardant: Flame Retardant Option Available
  6. Tensile Strength: Warp – 1200 N/5cm, Weft – 1200 N/5cm
  7. Tearing Strength: Warp – 300 N/5cm, Weft – 300 N/5cm
  8. Temperature Resistance: Low -20°C, High +70°C


Similarly to our Breeze Banna, Track Banna also comes in a standard 50m roll. Even though you do not have to buy a full roll, this surely is the most cost-effective way to get the best value for your money. However, if you really don’t need a full standard roll, we can definitely run a smaller print according to the needs of your project.

 As you already know, every site is different and requires a specific advertising product to fulfil its needs. We at BannaMesh offer a variety of products, one of which is Track Banna that works great as hoarding construction and billboard advertising.  So, if that’s exactly what you need, check out our offer and get in touch as soon as possible. Our Track Banna will do the trick when it comes to your billboard advertising, without a doubt!

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