Banner Mesh Full Rolls VS Banner Mesh Fence Panels

We often get asked by construction companies what is the best way to order banner mesh? In full rolls or in fence panel sized banners?

It is a good question but the short answer is ‘It depends’.

The longer more in depth answer is it really depends on the layout of your site, the access to your site, location of your site and the size of your site.

Whilst the easiest and cheapest way for us to manufacture your Bannamesh is to provide it in full 50 metre rolls there are some advantages of choosing fence panel size banners, some of these advantages include:


In high wind areas the fence panel sized banners helps reduce wind loading simply because there is a space between each temporary fence panel for the wind to flow through, in high wind locations you can also get your banner mesh with wind slits to allow better flow or go for our BreezeBanna higher air flow Bannamesh product.

We strongly recommend that you also request extra bracing on temporary fencing to prevent you fence blowing over.

Site Access

If you have Bannamesh fence size panels installed on each temporary fence panel rather than a full roll right across your fence you can provide access to vehicles, delivery trucks etc anywhere across the front of your site without damaging your branded fence banner mesh.

Size of site frontage

If you are a civil contractor or a commercial builder its more likely you’ll have a large site frontage to play with and you’d also have dedicated site access driveways, therefore full rolls are by far the better way to go in this situation. However if you are a home builder with a small frontage site of 10 to 20 metres it would be easier to have your branding on fence panel sized banners.

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